Friday, October 12, 2007

The SAT logo is made!

Finally, here is the official presentation of the SAT logo:

We needed a logo that's going to be printed and seen in several parts of the story. So, Robert made this really cool design.

For those of you geeks out there: the three symbols inside the corners of the triangle are from an ancient language from another world. The first person who leaves the answer as a comment with the name of the language, or the origin of it, will receive a copy of SAT on DVD.


Alberto B said...

that the simbol from the LOST ? that maybe the concept!

SAT Administrator said...

No Alberto, it has nothing to do with Lost.

Kafre said...

Ok, I'm not sure but I thing the language it the same one you can see
in the movie transformers, the one Sam Witwicky's grand father wrote
in the maps.
I hope thats the answer.

SAT Administrator said...


Sorry mate, but that is not the answer. Nice try though.

Kafre said...

OK, I think is time for you guys to give us a clue, because I don't any neurons left.

Kafre said...

ok, another guest,are these symbols from the 5th elementh?

Roseanne said...

Hi Juan,

I believe those are characters from the Devanagari alphabet used to write Hindi!

I've missed the Fallas blog and just found this blog after a long time.

I am heading to Colombia the end of June and will also be traveling to Neiva for a festival! I will think of you guys while I'm there!

I'm glad to see you are still doing you videos!


SAT Administrator said...


You're pretty close with your answer. SO CLOSE that we think we should announce you as the First Winner!!!

We mean "first winner" because although the correct answer is not the Devanagari alphabet, we think the symbols we used on the SAT logo were created "based" on this alphabet. That's why you deserve to be the First Winner.

So Roseanne, once we finish SAT, we'll send you a copy of SAT on DVD. Congratulations!!!!

This means the actual correct answer is still "out there". Someone else could get it!!!


Katherine Gomez Gaviria said...

That symbols are from the game "Darklands". I'm so sure.

Luis Fernando

SAT Administrator said...


I checked with Robert, and unfortunately your answer is not correct.



John said...

Is it a type of Kanji?


SAT Administrator said...

Hi John, sorry but no, it is not kanji, or "a type of kanji".

Thanks for your comment!

Cpt. Seige said...

Hello my name is Cory, I found a picture of your logo on google and noticed your blog, this is just for my own fun so here is my guess, Sanskrit. Thanks

Cpt. Seige said...

Here goes nothin, Sanskrit