Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Stills of The Pencil Man Scene!!!!!

Hello to all.

Last Saturday (Oct. 06) we shot the Pencil Man scene (which is the second scene of the story). I'm so happy because the material is even better than what I imagined. Plus, I can finally start editing!

Here are a few pictures of the first day. Enjoy!

On this picture you can see Robert who is playing the Pencil Man. We used three lights, which can be seen here too. That's Damion (with the dark shirt) and me. The white paper with the six rectangular boxes is the storyboard we had for the shoot.

Here's Pencil Man getting ready for... THE ACTION!!!!

Damion and me setting up the green screen.

Here I am explaining the shot to Damion, who is playing the Student.

This one is interesting. That "top secret sign" is something we don't want to reveal just yet. Hahaha. And obviously, the famous 'film pose' with the slate.

We don't want to give away too much of the story, so that's all we're going to show for the Pencil Man scene. We hope these pictures will give you a little more insight into the making of SAT.

We'll make a new post with the pictures of the second day: The Parking Structure!

We want to thank our photographer of the day: Ximena!
She also was in charge of shoting footage for the Making Of, Make Up; and, my favourite: Pencil Handler. Hahahaaa.

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Kafre said...

the first time i saw the picture of the pencil guy the first thing i came to my mind was Mr. incredible, boss!!