Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Who is behind S.A.T.?

The A Team

Damion Lewin:

Damion daydreams of being Bruce Lee. Traveling the world in search of all the wisdom of the various martial arts would be his slice of apple pie. He animates, designs, and also surfs.

Damion has been a 3D animator/compositor for 13 years. He began his career in cartoons as a Visual EFX Supervisor and later branched out into Creative Director of broadcast motion for television networks. He’s worked overseas in 6 different countries, including China.

In SAT, Damion will be Head of Visual Effects. As well as operating the camera when needed. He will design the 3D objects for the film. And, he will play UZI MAN in S.A.T. To see some of Damion’s work, please click here to visit his website.

Robert Gaston:

Mr. Gaston is a Sound Master. At nights his alter ego MakinaDomination takes over and rocks the planet, playing guitar in a Rage Against The Machine tribute band called “The Battle of Los Angeles”. Some say, he has been arrested several times trying to get inside Tom Morello’s house.

Robert also writes and sings his own original music, and performs throughout the Southern California area.

During the day, he creates original music and sound design for broadcast television.

In S.A.T, he will be doing all the sound and music; and will be playing the character PENCIL MAN. To listen to a sample of Robert’s work, please visit his websites.

Juan Falla:

Juan could eat chocolate ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner. His office is filled with comic book characters keeping him in the unrealistic side of life. He is such a bad actor, that Damion and Robert forbade him to act in S.A.T.

He wrote the script for S.A.T., he will also produce, direct and edit.

Juan has edited many music videos and promos, as well as an award short film called “Snap”. To watch some of Juan’s work, please click here to visit his website.

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