Friday, August 31, 2007

The Budget of S.A.T.

When S.A.T. is finished, we expect it to look like we spend several hundred thousand dollars doing it. But how much money did we really spend?

In this page we’re going to list all the things we’re spending money on. Although the idea behind S.A.T. is to do an extremely low budget film, in no way does this means that we’re not going to have to put some of our own money.

So here is a list of all the things we’re buying to make S.A.T.

Red Binder: $7.79
This binder is our Production Book. If you don’t know what a Production Book is, wait for the video on this subject, soon to come.

Separators for Binder: $8.29

Yellow Ticonderoga pencils: $1.99
Red Pencils $3.29
These were bought as a visual reference to choose which ones to use for PENCIL MAN. We liked the big and thick Ticonderoga pencils.

BB Gun #1: $4 + Shipping: $1.99
BB Gun #2: $17.99 + Shipping: $1.99
Base Shipping Charge: $5.99
Total Guns: $31.95

Lunch for Visual Storyboard: $59.48
The day we made the Visual Storyboard (coming soon as a video) we had lunch in the restaurant, the bill: $59.48

Steadycam components: $16.54
For a picture of all the receipts, please click here.

Foam Bricks: $3.78
6 in total. To be used with pencils as a visual reference of how the pencils would hit the wall.

(TOTAL SO FAR: $133.11)

Metal Washers: $0.98 cents
Although the bag came with 16 washers, we only used two to fix the Uzi we're using in the last scene.

Aluminium briefcase: $20.00
This one is where the Student carries the gun and three bullets.

Velcro: $3.00
We're using velcro to stick the pencils inside Pencil Man's coat.

3 dozen of My First Ticonderoga pencils: $29.46
1 dozen: $5.70
2-day shipping: $10.95
Tax: $1.41 (for a total of $29.46)

(TOTAL SO FAR: $186.55)

Updated on October 5, 2007.

Aluminum Foil paper (50 sq. ft.): $3.29
This with the black tape, to make the bullet holes of the car.

Black tape: $6.98

Foam Mounting Squares: $2.99
To stick the "bullet holes' to the car.

Masking tape: $5.49
You always need masking tape for various purpose.

Black Paint: $6.79
Orange Paint: $4.39
This is to paint the orange tips of the BB guns black for the shoot. By law, all BB guns need to have the orange tip at all times. So when we finish the shoot, We'll paint the tips orange again.

2 Glue sticks bags at $5.29 each: $10.58
We're using the glue gun to stick a pencil to a shirt, when Pencil man gets hit.

(The new updated budget is: $220.08)

Updated on October 8, 2007.

2 MiniDV tapes DVM63AMQ $9.95 each + tax $1.64 = $21.54
Used for the first shoot day.

Food/water for 1st day shoot: $18.45

4 MiniDV tapes DVM63AMQ $9.95 each + tax $3.28 = $43.08
Used for the second shoot day, and we still have three tapes left for our third and final shoot day.

The new updated budget is: $303.15

Update Nov 15: The following was bought for the Restaurant scene:

Pelican 3pc Replace Foam: $53.95 + tax: $4.45 = $58.40
This is the foam we used to create the inside of the briefcase where the gun, magazin and three bullets are kept.

At the 99 cent store we bought:

Chef Classic - Cook Knife
We bought two, as one had to be "cut" to use when it "kills" a - (too much information).

2 plates
For Onions and Tomatoes

1 Pasta Keeper
For the pasta!!!

1 Bowl
For the pasta sauce.

And some junk food...

99 cent store total: $10.79

Shirt for Bad Guy: $5.50

Fishing Nylon: $10.81

Work Light 500W: $14.97
Work Light 250W: $7.97
(+ tax: 1.89) Total: $24.83

Tomato sauce x2, Onions, Tomatoes, Pasta, & Water: $18.27

The new updated budget is: $431.76

As of today Nov 15 (that we've shot everything), $431.76 dollars is the final budget to produce (shoot) SAT.

Obviously this budget does not include 'man hours' spent on SAT. And we still have all the post production ahead of us. I guess if we had to 'pay someone' to edit, do visual effects, music, sound design, etc; the budget would probably explode! But because we're doing everything ourselves, we can spend as much time as we need to on the post-production process, as it is there where all the magic happens!

Note: We'll continue to add more expenses until we finish SAT.
(Hopefully, there won't be any more).

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