Friday, October 5, 2007

Budget Updated #2

As the first shoot date approaches, we are buying more stuff:

Aluminum Foil paper (50 sq. ft.): $3.29
This with the black tape, to make the bullet holes of the car.

Black tape: $6.98

Foam Mounting Squares: $2.99 To stick the "bullet holes' to the car.

Masking tape: $5.49 You always need masking tape for various purpose.

Black Paint: $6.79 Orange Paint: $4.39
This is to paint the orange tips of the BB guns black for the shoot. By law, all BB guns need to have the orange tip at all times. So when we finish the shoot, We'll paint the tips orange again.

2 Glue sticks bags at $5.29 each: $10.58
We're using the glue gun to stick a pencil to a shirt, when Pencil man gets hit.

Budget before: $186.55
The new updated budget is: $220.08

For a complete list, click here.

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