Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Check list

Pre-production... CHECK!
That means: finishing the script, finding locations, finding actors, getting/building props, organizing everything for "the shoot", etc.

Production... CHECK!
That means, the actual shoot.

Post-Production.... (?)

Last Monday we finished shooting everything needed for SAT. I can finally say that we have everything "in the can", or in our case: "in the tapes".

Now it's time for the Post Production to begin!

For those of you who have no idea what Post-production is, here's a quick rundown:
Editing. Creating the visual effects. Composing and recording the music. Sound design and sound mixing. Color correction, among others (these are the main ones).

I do have to clarify that I began editing a long time ago. Once we shot a scene, I was editing right away. So the first scene we did (Pencil Man), was the first one I edited. Then it was the last scene of SAT: the Parking Structure. Then came the Restaurant scene, which we had to shoot in two separate days (two weeks apart); and last Monday we shot the remaining scene, which happens to be the opening scene.

So, the editing was happening at the same time as we were shooting. I oficially finished editing everything today. (For you editors out there, I edited each scene in a separate sequences).

At least, they are
rought cuts which -I think- are 90-95% perfect. There are slight timing issues (a few frames) in the shots where we have visual effects that will have to be trimmed a little bit. We'll define these, once all the effects are done.

I've exported quicktimes of each scene. Damion and Robert will use them to create the effects (Damion) and the music and sound design (Robert).

We don't have a video to post, but we plan to make one about the process making the music, another one making the sound, and a third one about the visual effects.

We'll keep everyone posted as this process goes forward.

Until next time!


Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Stills of the Restaurant Scene

Its' been a while since our last post. We've been very busy with our daily jobs, but we're finally back.

Although busy, we -somehow- managed to shoot the Restaurant scene.
This was last Friday. We were allowed to shoot at the restaurant AFTER it closes, which is at midnight; and we had to be done BEFORE it opens, at 8:00am. So, it was a very 'interesting shoot' as we had to do everything from midnight to 8:00am. Here are a few pictures of that day, or should I say "morning'?

Here Damion aims at the camera.

Same shot but from the other side.

Damion rushes in...

Damion hides behind the metallic table.

Of course, we had to post a still with the slate!!! haha.

This picture was taken at 3:15am. It's the actors playing the two Bad Guys, they were resting. hahaha.

One of the Bad Guys aims and shoots at the Student...

Bad Guy 2 lurking...

This scene is going to be the longest. Not only that, but it also had three bad guys!!! The most of any scene.

At some point, we thought we weren't going to make it, 'cause we still had too much shots to do. But, we were able to do everything we had planned by the time the first employee of the restaurant arrived, which was at 7:30am. At that point we were doing the last shot!!!

At this point, we have 3 scenes "in the can": The 2nd, 3rd and 4th. We still have to do the 1st one, the shortest one. We'll do it on our lunch break. As with movies and TV, everything is shot out of sequence, so although the 1st scene opens the movie, it will be the last scene we shoot.

We'll try to post another video before we begin the post production process.