Sunday, December 16, 2007

Post-Production: 3D Cleaver

With this post, I want to take the opportunity to present to all of you, Antoine Tadros.

Antoine is a 3D model artist, and he's been making several 3D elements we need for SAT. One of these elements is a "cleaver".

At some point in the story, a person throws a cleaver to the main character. Obviously, for security reasons we didn't throw the real cleaver at him; I mean, we can't afford to have any accidents, specially when it's being thrown at the main character... we need him for the other scenes!!! Hahahaaa.

Jokes aside, the cleaver gets thrown at the main character, misses him and the cleaver continues its fly at the camera (towards the audience). In order to do this particular shot, we created the cleaver in 3D, which is going to be added -in post- to the real shot of the main character 'reacting' at the cleaver being thrown at him.

Here's a picture of the real cleaver compared with the 3D one.


Pretty cool, right?

We still have more elements to build. When we get more done, we'll post them!

Until next time!



Alejandro - "Armadillo" said...

JF veo que están haciendo un gran trabajo en todos los aspectos con este proyecto...

ojala podamos ver pronto los resultados.

un saludo

Kafre said...

Ok it's me again, just want to said this is really cool.

Merry xmast!!!!!!!!

the_amo said...